Learning From Murmurs : Selected Filmworks

by Snoblind

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"HKIP 30" (2009, dir. Snoblind)
(Track 01 to 07)
Last time we released a digi-EP of songs for an imaginary movie. Over the course of 2009, we were commissoned by a professional institute to create a numer of web shorts to commemorate their 30th Anniversary. Ostensibly, these shorts are just fancy highlight reels for whatever footages thrown our way regaring different activities/events. However, we were given Carte Blanche to do whatever we want. And we did what we know: motion graphics-laden montages with electronic/hiphop beats beneath a dash of post-rock as musical backdrop. Here are the music tracks, including one outtakes for your aural pleasure. Please check out "Sharing Session" as our good friend/turntablist extrodinaire DJ Kenny record, cut-up and skratch his voice over a brooding beat.

"Help..." (2009, dir. Leung Man-ki, Flora)
(Track 08 : "The Siu-man Suite)
In mid 2009 we received an invitation from Hong Kong-based animator/director Flora Leung to provide the musical score, after she listened to "Silent Frustration" (downloadable here) which we released in 2008. Based on a Hong Kong-produced animation anthology for the "Hong Kong History of Comics Exhibition", the story was a part-psychoogical horror, part paranormal thriller against a Secondary School setting. Think Jacob's Ladder meets McDull.

The biggest challenge we faced regarding "Help..." was that we never scored visuals made by an outside party. For the first time, we have to adapt to other filmmaker's rhythm and vision. Luckily once we decided upon the overall tone of the score (which we jokingly quipped "Danny Elfman meets Bernard Hermann"), everything came into place almost automatically.

"The Harinezumi Dub" (2009, dir. Snoblind)
(Track 09)
We love our Harinezumi Digital camera. A small wonder with massive output. We shot our usual cityscape with a 16mm flair, our heads was ringing the kind of floating dub that would go along well with the visuals, and here it is: The Harinezomi Dub for our camera test.

Thank you for downloading and listening. We hope you enjoy it.

Snoblind - Learning from Murmurs : Selected Filmworks
composed and produced by Snoblind (Regina Chang and Vincent Wong)
2009 Some rights reserved under Creative Commons Non Commerical Attribution License 3.0 (Hong Kong)

Cover photography : "rain over street lights" by silent shot, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 NC

Thanks - DJ Kenny, Flora Leung, Gary at White Noise Records, Ahkok Wong at "Not Entertainment" on Citizen's Radio, Nick the Bookman and Herman (aka Lamma Gung) at Lamma Zine, Hamish at Timeout Hong Kong and Sean Hocking at Metal Postcard Records.

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released November 19, 2009

All tracks written by Regina Chang and Vincent Wong




Snoblind Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based electronica musicians.

Snoblind is Vincent and Regina on Computers, Samplers and Bass. An army of two with surreal visuals along downtempo beats, dubby basslines, cinematic atmosphere and jazzy melodies.

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